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Another fast moving system is approaching KC today, and a weak Nor’easter is developing over, well, the northeast.  Nor’easter got it’s name from the northeast winds that form along the coast in the mature strong systems, not the fact that it is in the northeast.  This system will produce significant snowfall over inland areas with a cold windy rain on the coast.

Farther west, thunderstorms will be developing as another system moves out over the plains. The surface low, near Guyman, OK is the exact same strength (1004 mb) as the weak Nor’easter.

This picture above was taken last June 23, 2019 by James Savona in KC.  We will likely have some lightning and thunder early on Tuesday morning as this system zips by, with 1/2″ to 1″ of rain likely. A few spots may get more than this if you are under one of the heavier thunderstorm bands.  And, of course a few spots may get a bit less.

The day begins with fog this morning.   Here is Sunny The Weather Dog playing a game with Rainbow:

The fog will lift today:

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  • Avatar Urbanity says:

    Been foggy a lot around central Kansas, it will put the fog theory to test, 60 days after fog it rains they say. Somehow that has to be correlated to the LRC.

  • Avatar Ryan Johnson says:

    Gary, what amounts of rain over next 2-3 weeks are you seeing and will be jump in temps?

  • Avatar David Cook says:

    It snowed in Kirksville yesterday most of the day, though none of it accumulated.

  • Avatar Michael Casteel says:

    Recorded .22″ of Snow/rain mix from yesterday. Guessing about 1/2″ of big flake snow which melted by afternoon. Ready for some warmer weather and sunshine! Have a great Monday Bloggers!

  • Avatar Christine Loftis says:

    Gary-when will we get a link posted to kshb website for the spring weather special?

  • Avatar Mr. Pete says:

    Gary did you do a spring forecast special?

    • Gary Lezak Gary Lezak says:

      With all of the Coronavirus pandemic issues, our web team is all doing their work remotely. I am not sure when it will be posted. I will look into it.

      The new data is coming in with a complex of thunderstorms dominating this next disturbance. The track of this system is modeled to track south of KC on the last few model runs. This is going to be the first time this season where the thunderstorms that form later this evening after sunset way out west will be monitored for this chance of rain. If it forms farther south, then we may get missed by the thunderstorms tomorroww.

      • Avatar Hume Dude says:

        Sounds about right to me, targeted yet again by all the rain while Maryville cant buy a decent rain at all. I’ve had 14″ of rain Since late December! Bet I get another .5-1″ easy, and another creek flood event. Its always a big rain, every time it rains!
        I’m sure the creek here has flooded 4 times since December, out of the banks! In 2011 it didn’t flood once, same in 2012, and 2014. Gets old fast putting water gap fencing back in freezing cold water

  • Avatar Ted in STJOE says:

    Really damp and cool and brisk outside. i will be working remotely for – until the things get better from COVID-19

  • Avatar Three7s says:

    All of the hi-res models have this thing going well south of the metro.

  • Avatar Zach Kumke says:

    Looks like we might get grazed by this system. Looks like SE Kansas into SW Missouri will have the main threat for heavy rain and some spotty severe weather.

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