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As April approaches, the risks of severe weather will be increasing.  My eyes are monitoring the end of the week storm closely, and we will get to that in a minute.  There is a risk today:

Today’s slight risk is placed over the Tennessee Valley.  This storm just missed KC to the south leaving the KC metro area with no measurable rain today.  This system is a small scale upper level storm, and it is producing this risk today.  After today, there is a developing set up for the very end of the week as a strong storm comes out of the southwest.

This cold front will be slowing down and stalling Thursday and Friday.  This stalling is in response to a storm system in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will be approaching from California on Friday night.  The energy appears that it will produce a severe weather risk out over parts of Tornado Alley and into Missouri.  The SPC doesn’t have this area circled yet, but I am seeing a pretty decent chance over the western half of Oklahoma on Friday, and KC may be on the edge of this stronger risk as well.

The front will stall, and then begin lifting north as a warm front on Friday afternoon.  A stronger surface low pressure area will be developing near the Oklahoma Panhandle.  What usually happens in these set ups, is that the system will be just a bit farther west and north as we move closer to Friday, and this why I circled that area for the best risk.

Today will be cloudy and dry in KC with the rain tracking a few counties farther south.   Let’s see how this sets up on today’s model runs.

The nation is pretty much in lockdown now.  In KC, it is significantly affecting our lives.  It has to be difficult for many of you out there.  Let’s hope this helps in the coming days and weeks.  I hope everyone is well.  As I had suggested, I believe I may have had the Coronavirus, Covid 19, in January into February, as it was unlike anything I had ever had in my life.  I had the dry cough for three weeks, a strange headache, and it started with a fever when I went to Boston for the AMS conference.  I just read an article with the timeline of this pandemic, and it is looking like it was in the United States before the end of December, and if that is indeed the case, then it supports my thoughts that I had it. Whatever I had went wild through our newsroom at KSHB-TV too.  We may never know for certain.   This is a challenging time for all of us.


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  • Avatar Mr. Pete says:

    Gary that’s interesting about the virus. Did you have the flu shot this year? Maybe it was the regular flu?

    • Gary Lezak Gary Lezak says:

      Yes, I had the flu shot months ago, and my doctor ruled out the flu. Jeff Penner got about the same thing around ten days after me.

      • Avatar skyev3 says:

        Yesterday I read there was a study of 2000 covid-19 patients from South Korea. It said a notable portion of them who partially or completely lost their senses of taste and smell, and this seemed most associated with the beginning stages of the disease or those who had the mildest symptoms. Did you remember experiencing anything like that?

        • Gary Lezak Gary Lezak says:

          I did not have that symptom! I did lose 12 lbs.

          • Avatar George Huber says:

            I did have that symptom as well as the others. Late January into February. Hit me way harder than the usual cold I get every year. I barely ate for 2 weeks and what little I did I couldn’t smell or taste. At least I got it behind me. Hopefully it gives some resistance to reinfection

          • Gary Lezak Gary Lezak says:


            I believe I had it, and it sounds like you did too. I am glad you made it through it and are better!

        • Avatar Snow Miser says:

          I also read an article today that the nurses in the Kirkland, WA nursing home where so many people died from the virus all noticed that patients with the virus all had very red eyes (red around the edge of the eyes, not the eyeballs). It seems this is a symptom not many have noticed. Did by chance you notice the edges of your eyes had turned red?

  • Avatar Ted in STJOE says:

    I disagree with the severe weather. I do not think we will have the humidity nor heat. And we certainly do not need rain. On the Missouri River at Gavins point they have reduce the discharge to just below 20,000 ft.³ per second. There’s still a lot of water in the upper reaches of the basin that was required because of large quantities of water being discharged into the Missouri River by the James river out of South Dakota and the Big Sioux River which is the border between Wisconsin and South Dakota. Also, the Platte River in Nebraska is running pretty hard and every. Hopefully when those rivers drive down they can start dumping some more water in the Missouri River from upstream so they have capacity from snowmelt. And hopefully they don’t get any more snow. Or rain for a while for that matter.

    This message was generated with voice recognition technology and take it for what it’s worth.

  • Avatar Urbanity says:

    Gary I would agree with your virus assessment, it was here before and this could already be the second wave? My brother has an expansive FB following from his business and many people have posted their experience with an illness unlike anything they had ever had dating back to late November. My mother was hospitalized for the first time in her life for just a day or two back in January for severe congestion and terrible headache. I think the proof is in the stories, while the “professionals” say that even if you didn’t test positive for the flu that your experiences before February were probably the normal flu…hogwash!

    Anyhow, seeded my yard a week ago, three storm systems each one forecast to give us anywhere from .15 -.25 – .48, but did not leave a drop. You know me I see the writing on the wall, “It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be dry, and it’s going to last you for the rest of your LRC”.

    • Gary Lezak Gary Lezak says:

      There you go! This is the main description – “unlike anything they had ever had”. That is what it was for myself, and Jeff Penner, and a few others at KSHB. It is important to get this information out there, and I have yet to tell my story. I may soon. More importantly is the testing. How many people exposed to the virus do not get sick? I am going to guess that it is quite a few, while others are more susceptible to it. We will only learn more with more testing.

  • Avatar Go Pack Go says:

    The border of Wisconsin and South Dakota?

    Lots of medical knowledge on here, too, and very little weather discussion. Go find a Covid 19 blog. You are all wiser than a tree full of owls.

  • Avatar Heat Mizer says:

    We live in crazy times. :/

  • Avatar Mike H says:

    I believe you’ll be able to get a test for coronavirus antibodies. That will clear up if you’ve had it or not.

  • Avatar Farmgirl says:

    My illness began December 28. I too had a cough that lasted 5 weeks. Fever, chills etc. The cough was unproductive for 10 days or so, and then started to loosen.

    I now wish I would have said yes to being tested for the flu. But declined since it really wouldn’t have changed the outcome of care. Oddly, my spouse never became sick.

    I wish we could get a titer test to see if we have the antibodies for the disease. That may confirm is we had the disease early in 2020.

    One thing that though is how/wehere would we have gotten infected and why didn’t the health care system see a higher incident of patients? I work from home and do not travel. I live in southern Miami county and rarely travel to Overland Park. That is the one thing that it’s in the back of my mind is maybe we had the a bad case of the flu.

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