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Yesterday’s discussion was interesting, quite interesting when it came to the potential that I had Coronavirus over two months ago.  Hearing a few of your stories that are way too similar to ignore makes me want to tell my story beyond this blog.   So, thank you for being open about this subject.  We are all experiencing this together as a community, a nation, the world.  While we social distance at KSHB-TV, I am most concerned with if a major severe weather outbreak shows up and how we will staff this, chase it, and interact with the community during it.  It is something that does need to be planned.

Right now, there is not a major severe weather outbreak in the forecast, but this system is strong enough to get your attention. For KC, as usual, it appears we will have minimal risks, and at the same time, we must see how it sets up.  Here is the European Model solution as of last night.

Let’s begin with the 1 PM (18z) surface map forecast:

Look very closely.  There is a little surface low circulation just northwest of KC at 1 PM Thursday.  If this indeed is in that position, it would warm up to 70 degrees on Thursday, or higher.

By Thursday night at 1 AM Friday, this map above shows thunderstorms forming north of the stalling front, which by this time is approaching Wichita.  The thunderstorms may form near KC initially, so it has my attention.

By Friday evening, the map above, the front is now becoming a warm front at 7 PM Friday. It will extend out of that 994 mb surface low over the western Oklahoma Panhandle, and extend along the KS/OK border.  This storm will then blow up into a strong mid-latitude synoptic scale cyclone (Go google that and see what comes up):

This development is rather complex.  The NAM has come out and is a bit cooler and farther south on the position of the fronts.  Let’s see how this sets up.

The sun will come out this afternoon in KC, and this is good news, because it is Sunny The Weather Dog’s Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 5-year old baby!


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  • Avatar Matt Galvin says:

    SPC Outlook for Friday has Olathe in Slight Risk at moment and last night on Weather Underground they showed Severe Weather in KS/MO coming up at end of Week and warm weather highs.

  • Avatar Kaden Huber says:

    So, it appears we don’t have to worry about severe weather?

  • Avatar sierravista says:

    Good morning, Gary,

    I’ve told you all of this previously on this blog…my wife and my journey with some strange disease/virus around the middle of January through the first two weeks of February. Long story short, both of us went to the ER on Feb. 2nd…tested for the flu and it was negative. The one thing I wanted to add, which I didn’t give much thought until a few days ago, my wife totally lost her sense of smell. Totally. And, there was no nasal congestion at all. It frightened her and she asked the doctor in the ER about it as well as her own doctor who she saw a few days later. She opened a bottle of ammonia, a bottle of vinegar…could not smell a thing. Over the weekend, I read that losing one’s sense of smell is a symptom of COVID-19. I’m convinced now that we had it. I also wish there was an antibody test so we could know for sure. Good thing is, her sense of smell has returned, thank goodness. It took awhile, but it’s finally back. This virus has been around much longer than anyone knew, I’d be willing to bet. Stay well and safe everyone!

  • Avatar Briana Maggard says:

    If the virus has been circulating that long, why haven’t we seen a corresponding uptick in hospitalizations? That is how China new something was going on. I had a bad cold in February and tested negative for the flu. It’s important to remember though that there are other (milder) coronaviruses that circulate regularly. I assume I had one of those.

    • Avatar Brian Watson says:

      And open the world back up for business. Just be cautious when you’re out. This is terrible what the world has done over a virus. You’d think this was dawn of the dead and we’re going to turn into zombies if we get bit

  • Avatar Ted in STJOE says:

    Well we don’t need rain NE and other points NW …

    246PM clouds just now burning off…

  • Avatar JeffG says:

    It is my non-doctor opinion that many people have had or currently have the COVID-19 virus and don’t know it. From what I have read it affects everyone a little different. Some people may get really sick and some may just have mild symptoms. The elderly and people with weak immune systems are the most vulnerable. Stay safe, remain calm, and help others when you can.

  • Avatar Heat Mizer says:

    I had something rather nasty beginning in the last week of February…and aspects of it lasted for weeks…I wonder some too. And I haven’t been sick in years.

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