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We are debuting a brand new computer graphics system on KSHB-TV today, so I will be working a very long day.  I am debuting it at 11 AM.  Our KSHB weather team has had a quite difficult task these last two weeks. While the Coronavirus pandemic grows and we all went into lockdown, we have had to train on our new computer, with only one meteorologist at the station at a time.  This is continuing to be the policy today.  So, I arrive at 10 AM, after Lindsey trains on the new system until 9:55 AM, and then she leaves the station per our policy.  It has been challenging, and at the same time we are up to the challenge.  I feel comfortable for the debut today.  I am not sure if any of you have had to learn a new graphics system, but it is difficult and we will learn a lot more in the next few weeks.

Thunderstorms are possible tonight as a front stalls south of KC.  There is a slight risk of large hail:

Thunderstorms will likely begin forming after sunset.  Some models line them up just south of I-70, while others line it up around two counties farther south.  Large hail will be possible in the first thunderstorms that develop. The first updrafts in the cumulonimbus clouds will potentially produce the conditions for this hail formation.

The risk increases a bit Friday, and it again appears it will be at night:

Rainfall in KC has continued to be way above average for the year:

15-Day Rain Forecast from the GFS model:


Have a great day, and thank you for sharing in this weather experience.


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